Cute Girl Group Halloween Costume Idea: Construction Workers

My friends and I all decided we wanted to do a cute girl group Halloween costume that was UNIQUE! So we thought long and hard………and came to the conclusion who wouldn’t enjoy a group of sexy girl construction workers?! And that’s one group costume I’ve never seen done before. So we put our plan into action!

First off we knew we needed boots and hard hats! We are already country girls so we all had the heavy duty boots, that was a great start! We then bought our hard hats through a friend who works for a company that makes and tests construction workers equipment, for only $5 dollars each, score!

We then searched every “manly” store til we found the perfect neon colored shirts that came in our sizes haha. These tee shirts were only $4 each! To add the “sexy” effect we thought we should cut the shirts to fit our own bodies and needs, we are girls not men hehe :)

Then came the jeans, we mixed it up between jeans and cut off daisy duke shorts to add more effect to the costume, and to differentiate us all a little bit, as well as all sticking with different neon color combinations.

We added in tool belts and handkerchiefs to add to the over all effect. And not to mention the tool belts served as awesome drink holders as well!

We all agreed this was our best halloween costume ever! We had random people asking to take a picture of us because they hadn’t seen any kind of group costume like it before. As well as many compliments on how good of a idea this was! Everybody loved the hard hats best! haha

Such an easy costume but the best one yet, made for a great night!

My friends and I all decided we wanted to do a group halloween costume that was UNIQUE! So we thought long and hard.........and came to the conclusio