My son is obsessed with construction equipment, like most little boys, especially any kind of Skid Steer Loader. He has a toy one that was the model for what I made. My original plan was to make something wearable but I decided after getting all the materials it would be awkward for him to walk around in and building it over a stroller and dressing him as a construction worker would be better.

The planning was the hardest part of it, other than never having time to work on it more than an hour or two at a time. I knew this would be the case so I spent a lot of time planning before making any cuts at all. I found a 3d model of a bobcat online and imported that into CAD where I simplified the designed and created the templates for cutting the pieces. 

A couple coats of paint and it was ready to go. I designed it to slid right over the stroller and it fits perfectly and isn’t even attached. This makes it easy to get him in and out of it and to remove it and use the stroller.

We’ve gotten great reactions and even taken it out a couple times since and we still get a lot of waves and thumbs ups. On Halloween  a lot of people stopped us on the street and most cars slowed down to take a look and wave. My son absolutely loves it and I’m certain we’ll be taking “bobcat walks” long after the halloween season is over.