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Coolest DIY Train Engineer Stroller Halloween Costume

My son Kaydin is 2 yrs old and just loves trains so I made the train as a shell for his stroller Halloween costume. It’s made out of cardboard and held together with tape and hot glue. I used 3 large flat sheets of cardboard and 1 thinner bendable sheet of cardboard by first measuring his stroller and then cutting out the train shape from 2 of the cardboard sheets.

I drew out 6 cut out circles from cardboard for the wheels and I used my circuit to make the stencils for painting the wheels. Coffee tins were use as the smoke stack and headlight of the stroller Halloween costume. A flashlight was inserted in the headlight to fully function.

From the remaining thicker cardboard I cut out the front part for the engine and then I used the thinner bendable sheet for the top of the engine. I attached all the main parts together by using tape. The train, wheels and other attachments were then spray painted.

Once everything was dry, the wheels and all the attachments were then hot glued on. A glow stick, a white cloth, some cotton balls with a wire were used as smoke coming outta the stack and hot glued in place. Toilet paper rolls with cardboard circles glued on were used as front bummer plates and triangle cut outs were then used as the front grill (front grill was attached before painting main shell) and and lid from the large coffee tin was used for the front of the engine with a circle hoop cut out.

Reflective tape was also put on the lower front fender areas and rear for safety. We then used an app with train sounds with a Bluetooth speaker for full on sound effects as we trick or treated. People just loved the train stroller Halloween costume as they walked by and asked to take pictures of it.

My son loved all the attention he was getting from it and he was waving and telling everyone, Hi! and kept saying Choo Choo! He was all smiles. It was the best Halloween ever!

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