Cutest Ever Homemade Thing 1 and Thing 2 Couple Costume

Thing1 and Thing2

My best friend and I have always called each other Thing 1 and Thing 2. We’ve always talked about actually dressing up like them on Halloween for years! My best friend moved away 6 years ago, so we haven’t celebrated Halloween together in years. This year she said she was coming to town PreHalloween weekend so we can … Read more

Fun Couple Costume: Alien and Tourist Shot in Area 51

Shot in Area 51 but still saw them aliens

When the Storm Area 51 event landed on my Facebook feed like thousands of planes landed in Paradise, Nevada’s McCarran Airport on September 20, 2019, I knew I had to do something about it. I’ve been going hard on Halloween since 2014 and my sister since 2015, and this was the first opportunity we had to … Read more

Whimsical Homemade Mad Hatter Costume

Whimsical Homemade Mad Hatter

Here’s my handmade Mad Hatter Costume.  The only thing store bought was the wig.  I love any character that Johnny Depp plays! I made the hat out of a cardboard box and sewed fabric on the interior and exterior.  The jacket I bought at a thrift shop and added the sleeve ruffles and the bird … Read more

A Scary DIY Waitress Costume

The Scareiest Waitress Costume every made for women

My fictional costume character is referred to as “The Waitress”. I didn’t have to do very much to get this costume together, everything I had was right in my house because I dabble in dressup and costumes all the time, from making my own blood to finding the right kind of shoes to wear. The … Read more

Coolest Sexy Four of a Kind Cards Group Costume

Coolest Sexy Four of a Kind Cards Group Costume

I made this four of a kind cards group costume during my freshman year of college at Michigan State University. For Halloween my roommates and I decided we didn’t want to go out in the typical store bought costume, we wanted to make our own! Since there were 4 of us, we had the idea of … Read more

Coolest Homemade Rugrats Group Costume

Homemade Rugrats Group Costume

Here’s our rendition of a homemade Rugrats group costume. Everyone remembers watching those adventurous toddlers on TV. My friends and I decided that they would be the perfect bunch to be for Halloween. They are all easy to recognize and seemed simple to make. We are all pretty cheap so we wanted to keep this … Read more

Coolest Skittles Group Costume

Coolest Skittles Group Costume 4

We got the idea to be Skittles for Halloween after someone found a picture on the internet of a girl dressed as a green Skittle. We decided we wanted to be different color Skittles, but make our dresses out of DUCT TAPE. In the end, it turned out to be an awesome idea even though … Read more

Cool DIY Voodoo Doll Costume for a Woman

Voodoo Doll for a Woman

This is me as a voodoo doll for a Halloween party at work. It was a group costume, so there were two others identical to me. You can wear this in a group or alone. It was fairly simple to make. The black shirt, shirt, tights and shoes all came from a thrift store. I … Read more

Scariest DIY Horror Movie Characters for a Family Costume


For our annual Halloween party, we needed a family themed costume. We wanted to do something a little different and came up with each of us being iconic horror movie characters (keep in mind our kids had no clue who these characters were!). My goalie son just had to be Jason and my daughter with … Read more

DIY Cute Group Costume Idea – The Sanderson Sisters

cute group costume idea

Inspiration for our Cute Group Costume Idea Last Halloween, my family and I were watching my favorite Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, and I knew that had to be our next costumes for a cute group costume idea.  In high school and my early 20’s I didn’t get into Halloween until I realized I was missing … Read more

Cool Homemade CatDog Costume for College Roommates

Cool Homemade CatDog Costume for College Roommates

Halloween is a huge event on college campuses across the country.  My roommate and I have created costumes together the past few years and they’re generally a big hit among our friends.  In the months leading up to Halloween we bounced around a few ideas. But our favorite and our final decision was to dress … Read more

Adorably Delicious DIY Pink Shopkins Cupcake Costume

shopkins cupcake costume

Materials Used Here’s what I used to make my pink Shopkins Cupcake costume: Toy storage tub, white pantyhose, polyester stuffing, Poster Board, 1 1/2 yard of fabric, bubblegum pink fabric spray, pompoms, Gorilla hot glue, suspenders, White sweatshirt, Headband, Styrofoam half, red marker, green pipe cleaner, duct tape, spray on glue. Shopkins Cupcake Costume Tutorial … Read more

Awesome DIY Rainbow Brite and Sprite Costumes

rainbow brite and sprite costumes

Rainbow Brite was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid. My best friend and I decided to make her and her pet sprite, Twink. So we spent the last month figuring out how to make and making these fun and colorful costumes. Here are some of the details on how we put these bright … Read more

Coolest DIY SpongeBob Halloween Costumes

spongebob halloween costumes

Our family Trick or Treats for the local Food Pantry and I hand make our costumes every year. My daughter loved this show growing up and really wanted to do these SpongeBob Halloween costumes. One of my daughters was SpongeBob, my other daughter was Patrick, I was Mr. Crab and we had our cat dressed as … Read more

Cool Hocus Pocus Group Costume

Cool Hocus Pocus Group Costume

My coworkers and I threw this together for our company’s costume contest. Luckily, we’re all fairly creative, so we were able to make our costumes independently, with the big reveal the morning of the party. We were all pleasantly surprised and took first place in the contest. Everything came from either goodwill or our personal … Read more

Black Widow Spider Bride Costume

Black Widow Spider Bride Costume

I came up with the spider bride Ideas for this years costume. After searching high and low it was hard to find the costume I had  envisioned for this idea. So I took a little from this costume and a little from another costume and put it all together. My biggest problem was I blended … Read more

Doctor Who Alien Family Costumes

Doctor Who Alien Family Costumes

Clockwork Droid, from episode “Girl in the Fireplace” The mask used to be a V for vendetta mask and has been turned into the droid style, porcelain, victorian mask. I used air drying clay to reshape the features, paper macheed over top to hold the clay in place, crackle paint over that then dabbed with coffee to … Read more

All-Girl Group Costume: KISS Rock Stars for a Day

All-Girl Group Costume: KISS Rock Stars for a Day

I might be a “bad” influence when it comes to Halloween but it didn’t take much – OK, any – convincing to get my co-workers to dress up as KISS for Halloween with me. Everyone did their own costume, so I can tell you how I did mine (Star Child), but the best part of these costumes … Read more

Perky Parrot Nation, Unique Parrots in Extravagant Costumes

Perky Parrot Nation, Unique Parrots in Extravagant Costumes

Most people downright stared at us when we waddled into a Halloween bash in downtown Detroit with floppy bird hats, feathered eyelashes, a multi- colored wrap around tail, a full red jumpsuit with feathers pouring out of our arms, legs, and tails. We met some other animal friends in the club (monkeys, penguins, etc) and … Read more

Awesome Jurassic Park Costumes: T-Rex and Ellie

Awesome Jurassic Park Costumes: T-Rex and Ellie

My daughter is absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs at the moment. She wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up, but didn’t think that that would make a good costume. She kept going through all of her favorite dinosaurs over and over again, until she watched Jurassic Park and fell in love with the T-Rex. … Read more

Best Catdog Costume Ever!

Best Catdog Costume Ever!

My grandma and I made this costume together! We made dresses and put stuffing in a long bag, and then wrapped it in material. We sewed on straps like a backpack so that it was easy to take the body off if we needed to. We used a clown nose and painted it blue for … Read more

Last Minute DIY Evil Purple Minions Costumes

Last Minute DIY Evil Purple Minions Costumes

My cousin and I have been inseparable out whole lives and every year for Halloween we do some sort of duo costume. Since she is moving across the country next month and this was realistically our last Halloween together for a while, we decided we wanted to go out with a bang! We wanted to … Read more

Pod of Sexy Mermaids – All Girl Group Costumes

Pod of Sexy Mermaids - All Girl Group Costumes

I love mermaids! I have always wanted to be a mermaid for Halloween but all the costumes I have ever seen are pretty cheap looking.  I wanted something that was sexy, form fitting and somewhat “realistic.”  I told my friends about my mermaid costume idea and they wanted in as well.  There are 7 of … Read more