For this costume, my friends and I were salt, Tequila, and lime (we stood in that order respectively for photos).  The salt and lime were relatively easy to make, and to add an extra umph to it we bedazzled the shirt dresses, which were made by stretching the collar of a large t shirt and tying the sleeves together in the back.  We then used fabric glue and added the bedazzles.

The tequila costume took a projector, lots of paint, and of course a bottle of tequila. To add the gold effect, we bought gold duct tape and painted on top of it using the guide of a projection. That night we all went out in our sombreros ready to party.  On the back of each of our dresses we wrote “tequila makes our clothes fall off.”  Naturally we got some great, as well as questionable responses.

It didn’t help that the back of our shirt seemed like an invitation for some, so naturally we had to explain that these t shirt dresses weren’t actually coming off.  Despite the disappointment we still got great reactions (being in a costume group is always so much better than being by yourself). Anyways, the next night, we followed that costume up with the”stride of pride” costume with signs around our neck that said “tequila made our clothes fall off.”  It was a fun couple nights filled with cheap tequila, great friends and even better costumes that worked together.