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25+ Awesome Homemade Cocktails and Alcohol Combos Costumes

Do you unwind with a drink after a long day? Spend time contemplating life while clutching a bottle? We’re not here to judge. Experience life on the other side of the glass by donning one of these homemade costumes. Look like a walking party and have a great time with these awesome cocktails and alcohol combos costumes. Discover the clever tricks for these easy and fun DIY instructions here.

For those who have found their mate, these are fantastic couple costumes. However, if you are still searching for the lime to your tequila, do not despair. Try a brightly colored margarita! The rim salted glass is optional.

In addition, it’s good idea to work on these while you are sober. Always use a hot glue gun responsibly.

So, get inspired by what’s in your cup this Halloween. And have fun browsing through this awesome DIY collection of cocktails and alcohol combos costumes!

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