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Best Jagerbomb Couple Halloween Costume

I am normally planning my Halloween costume as soon as this year’s party is over. Now being the mother of a toddler, it got to be mid October and I realized I didn’t have a CLUE yet as to what to be!  Then, I came across a website that had couples costumes ideas and I absolutely loved the Jagerbomb couple Halloween costume idea! I didn’t care for the costume so much, so I looked at a bunch of different ones and combined the things I loved both about them.

Red Bull Can:

For the dress I bought a yard of blue fleece material.  I folded it in half, laid out a dress of mine on top of it, and traced.  I used my sewing machine to stitch around the outline and cut off the excess material.  Then working from a can I put duct tape (yes, duct tape!) for the silver part.  And for the logo I printed off one the size I wanted it, traced it onto felt, then cut it out.  I attached these pieces with my hot glue gun.  For the tab hat, my lovely husband wore a hat of mine while I covered it in duct tape.  Then I cut a piece of card board that looks like a tab, covered it in duct tab, and hot glued that on as well.  It stuck on all night long!

Jager Bottle:

We found a box that we just held up and eye balled and decided it was big enough.  Cut two pieces the same size and spray painted with dark green paint.  We did two layers because the first was a little splotch.  For the logo I’m lucky to work in an office where we have a huge printer so I was able to print off this off in the size I wanted.  I then used spray adhesive to put it on the cardboard.  I used black felt to go over his shoulders, and also on the sides so it would stay closed and not be swinging everywhere.  This was also hot glue gunned on.  Then he just threw on a green hat!

We were a hit!

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