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Easy Girly Tabasco Costume – Keeping it Hot!

My boyfriend and I went as Sriracha and Tabsco for Halloween. I am in love with hot sauce, I mean really. I recieve it for gifts on Christmas and birthdays, I carry it in my purse, and I have a ton of different bottles in my house. I also love any excuse to dress up and be creative. So I take my  Halloween costume very seriously. So what better to be then to combine my two loves and be hot suace for Halloween, specifically Tabasco!

This costume is very easy, it took about 30 minutes to make and 4-6 hours to dry, and will leave everyone telling you how hot you are all night ;)

  • I used a simple red shirt (from the craft store)
  • white (2) & green (1)  felt
  • green & red puffy paint
  • glue gun
  • party hat
  • glitter & red and green gem stones (optional)

I started by cutting my shirt to how I wanted it, and then started my Tabasco label. Next I cut the rectangular white felt into a square so it would better resemble a diamond & then channeled my inner puffy paint skills and got to piping! I personalized my label by replacing the Mcllhenny Company name, with my own last name. I then threw some glitter on the TABASCO and placed gems on the label to add a little extra girly sparkle because I can never get enough sparkle :)

I then let the Tabasco label dry and began working on the “Nutrition label”. I used the other piece of white felt and began piping nutrition info on it and then at the bottom in red in capital letters I wrote “100% HOT!!!!” and threw more glitter on it.

While those two pieces dried I began the cap hat. To make the hat I used a party hat I had laying around the house and glued the green felt to it, trying my best to put the line where the felt met in the back. I then cut 2 strips of green felt, about an inch and a half thick, and crimped the felt to the base of the hat attaching it with the glue gun. The crimped base of the hat was to resemble the “twist off” part of the cap.

When the labels were all dried I attached them to the red shirt with the glue gun where I wanted them. When I got all dressed up I tucked the shirt into a tutu and wore tights with boots, The hat was easy to wear and I put red and green jewels on my face. The finished outfit was fun, comfortable, cheap, easy, and got so many ohh, ahhs, and compliments!

Easy Girly Tabasco Costume - Keeping it Hot!

Easy Girly Tabasco Costume - Keeping it Hot!

Easy Girly Tabasco Costume - Keeping it Hot!

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