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Actual Spice Girls Costumes

At first, we were going to be sugar and spice. But we realized it was much more fun to be spicy! So along came our idea to be two Spice Girls of our favorite hot sauces, Tabasco and Sriracha.

We bought oversized shirts, cut off the sleeves, and bought fabric pens. For Tabasco, she bought a white handkerchief to decorate while Sriracha’s writing was directly applied. The hardest part would definitely be the actual writing onto the t-shirt, so allot some time and Google searches for that! The hats are actual plastic bowls underneath the poster paper. We taped headbands underneath to secure them on our heads and attached the paper directly to the bowls, we used heavy duty wood glue (it was the only thing we had!) but tape and normal glue will work too!

Be prepared to SPICE up your life with these costumes!

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