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Spicy Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce Costume

Sriracha has gained a cult following in recent years and I’m definitely one of those die-hard-sweating-to-death-in-a-public-place-and-loving-it followers.  It’s spicy, addictive power is easy to dump on breakfast, lunch or dinner and it’s a flavor I needed to pay my respects to. I had a lot of fun making this costume and a lot of fun wearing it too. It became an instant celebrity at my office party and walking around the streets of my city.

MATERIALS: Bottle of Sriracha, lots of red standard sized poster board (8 sheets), 2 green foam sheets, 1 green plastic table cloth, 2 similarly sized round styrofoam cake dummies, 2 tall plastic cups, white sharpie markers, and lots of clear packing tape. Also have scissors, a box cutter, and a kind friend or significant other to help you with assembly.

ADDITIONAL: long-sleeved black shirt, black leggings, tennis shoes (I chose Converse hi-tops), cartoon hands(found at any party supply or costume store)

STEP 1: Take a poster board and cut it into 3 equal parts horizontally, looking at it longways. Affix each of those 3 parts to the bottoms of 3 other poster boards. Make sure all poster boards are even after alteration.

STEP 2: Begin drawing on each of the red poster boards. A Sriracha bottle is ultimately made up of 3 panels. The main logo on the first, ingredients in 4 languages on the next, and the story and nutrition facts on the 3rd. Start drawing. I took some Chinese in college and it helped with the characters, but overall just start copying what’s on the bottle using the white markers. Make sure to leave a few inches around the border to provide room for overlap during assembly.

STEP 2.1: There’s not much to the Sriracha bottle other than the color and the lettering. The color is the easy part so it’s important to get the logo and character spacing correct. If you don’t trust yourself to freestyle it, use pencil first and trace over it with the white marker. If you use a sharpie or any sort of felt-tip pen, you shouldn’t have to worry about drying time.

STEP 3: Start assembling. Take each of the poster boards. and stand them up. (It helps to have a helper) Start taping them together so that all 3 boards are now connected and forms a cylinder shape with the packing tape. Tape down both sides of the poster board. It’s OK if the packing tape is visible, it will help give the bottle the shiny plasticky look like a real Sriracha bottle. You’ll want to fit it over your body to make sure that you can get into it. If it’sreally  loose, that’s actually better, your head will hold the costume in place and the arm holes will make it balanced.

STEP 4: Create the dome. Take red poster board and cut into strips that are flower vase shaped pieces (fatter on one end and goes skinny on the other). Take the newly formed cylinder costume and keep it upright and affix the flower vase-shaped strips to the inside of the top rim with the wide side attached to the rim and the skinner side hanging loosely. Each of the pieces should overlap slightly. Do this around the entire rim and then let the skinny sides of each piece naturally fall into one another in th middle of the top of the cylinder. A flat top dome should form. Secure this with tape and cut off any excess pieces.

STEP 5: Wrap the outside of one of the styrofoam dummies in red poster board. It does not need to cover either of the flat surface of the dummies. Place it on top of this new dome and secure it with tape. Repeat step 4 again by cutting out more flower vase shaped pieces. This time, affix the wide side to the outside rim of the cylinder (and outside the flat top dome). Fold each of the strips into the styrofoam piece and secure them with tape to create a steeper funnel around the styrofoam with the red poster board.

STEP 6: Wrap the remaining styrofoam cake dummy with the green plastic table cloth. Cut off any excess pieces and secure with tape. Take one of the plastic cups and wrap one of the green foam sheets around it to cover it. Take the other cup and slice it in half and discard the half with the bottom. Place the remaining half over the other wrapped plastic cups. Take the green foam sheet and wrap an overlapping wrap around the half cup. Secure with tape and the tape onto the green wrapped styrofoam base. This is the cap for the bottle.

STEP 7: Secure the cap to the other styrofoam that is on the cylinder. Take a picture before you make armholes and eye holes.

STEP 8: Have someone assist in putting the costume over your head and bring the box cutter with you. The costume should rest on top of your head comfortable and be secure enough to not have any elements pop off. If needed, use more packing tape. Estimate where you will look out of the costume and make a note of it. Next, estimate where your arms will be and use the box cutter to mark the area. Remove the costume and proceed to use the box cutter to cut symmetrical holes on either side for the arms and a rectangular slit for visibility.

Pair the costume together with a black ensemble underneath, complete with cartoon hands.Then, go dance.


Spicy Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce Costume

Spicy Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce Costume

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