Coolest Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce Costume

“You are HOT!”
“I know.”

Never got old. I love Sriracha on just about everything, so I decided to pay homage to my favorite condiment a few Halloweens ago with this Homemade Sriracha Hot Sauce Costume. Took me just one day to complete, and let it dry over night. Many compliments and people asking me to sell them my shirt and/or make them costumes for this year.

Materials: Party hat, green cardstock, Red T-shirt, white puffy paint, bottle of Sriracha for inspiration

Process: For my t-shirt, I practiced on a piece of white paper before putting my puffy paint skills to work. I used blue painters tape as guidelines (top, bottom, sides, rough rooster outline), and carefully painted away. For the “cap” I covered a traditional party hat (dollar store find) with green card stock to form a tip. I then cut another piece of green card stock into about 3 1/2″ width and folded it over and over to make the ridges, accordion style. I stapled this to the party hat and that was it!

I completed the outfit with red hoops, red nails, and black shorts.

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  1. Did you find a logo online to copy from or just freehand the words and rooster? Great costume. I am making it this year!

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