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Coolest Red Velvet Birthday Cake Costume

For Halloween this year, I didn’t want to be another maid, cat, or one of the many versions of a fairy, so I decided I wanted to try to make my costume! After hours of searching for ideas, I found this website with do-it-yourself cupcake costumes. That gave me the idea of being a birthday cake, but I didn’t really like the style of the ones I found online, so I thought I’d just wing it with my own touch!

Materials used for this Red Velvet Birthday Cake Costume:

– Poster board (Five big pieces for my size (5ft, 125lbs) any color would work)
– Silk fabric (depending on side of poster board is how much fabric you need, I got 6ft in case of mistakes, choose a color you like)
– Ribbon (Your choice of color, two different sizes)
– Puffy Paint (Choose your color)
– Corset for the top layer (which cost the most out of all the materials!)
– Hot Glue Gun
– Stapler
– Headband
– Tape
– Measuring Tape
– Scissors
– Tights (color of your choice)
– Marker


1. Round poster board around yourself to figure out what size you want the bottom and middle layer of the cake to be, then staple the top and bottom so you know where to cut. I chose to start the middle layer above my belly button (I’m 5 ft tall…m y bottom layer was 60 inches round/9 inches tall and middle layer was 42.5 inches round/6 inches tall)

2. Cut and overlap the edges of poster board so you have a smooth round layer, and hot glue or tape the pieces together ** make sure you can slip the middle layer over your hips or head to be able to take it on and off **

3. With the layers now put together, put the smaller layer into the bigger on top of another piece of poster board, and trace the difference between the two to make the top part of the bottom layer to connect to the middle layer.

4. Take “circular” piece and put on top of fabric, trace the piece onto the fabric, cut it out, and put it aside (I used a light marker)

5. Use tape to connect the “circular” piece and the layers together.

6. You should now have a basic form of a cake to stand up on its own! Put the “circular” fabric over the middle layer and hot glue it. Then measure your bottom layer with measuring tape for the height and circumference and cut the fabric to the measurements, hot glue the fabric to the poster board every couple of inches on the edges to ensure its stability.

7. Measure the middle layer for the circumference, and leave a few extra inches to the height to make another “connection” layer to your corset later on, then glue to poster board.

8. Staple a few staples in the inner part of the middle layer with the fabric to keep it stable.

9. With the circumference measurement, cut ribbon to make the “icing” and hot glue onto the bottom and top edges of the layers.

10. With smaller sized ribbon, measure from the front of the middle layer, over your shoulder, to the back of the middle layer to make straps and hot glue the ends of the ribbon (I cris-crossed the ribbon in the back to hold it up better).

11. Decorate your cake however you’d like with puffy paint and add your own accessories like gloves, hair extensions, and a ribbon necklace!

12. Cut a small circle out of the poster board and make a small cylinder to the size of your liking for your candle hat holding it together with tape.

13. Tape the cylinder to the small circle, repeat steps for the fabric and ribbon, and hot glue circle to a smooth headband.

14. I glued a yellow “blow pop” wrapper to make the light.

15. To wear: I put on “soffe” shorts with black tights underneath and a red “corset” to match (of course you can change your top layer to a top of your liking). Tuck in the excess fabric from the middle layer into your shorts or tights (depending how high you have the middle layer sitting) to hide what you got on underneath and to make the “connection” between the top and middle layer!

16. Enjoy having your cake and eating it too! ;-)

Coolest Red Velvet Birthday Cake Costume

Coolest Red Velvet Birthday Cake Costume

Coolest Red Velvet Birthday Cake Costume - Made a nice couples costume with my boyfriend as a baker!

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  1. Great idea! I am dressing up as Marylin Monroe and my significant other is going as JFK this will be a great way to tie humor into our costumes. Besides I love making things and was trying to think of a way to make just what you did. Thanks!


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