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90+ Deliciously Homemade Cake and Cupcake Costumes


Warning: you may get a strong craving for cake as you peruse this delicious DIY costume collection. For cake decorators and cake lovers alike, these homemade costumes are calling your name this Halloween. Create the most luscious desserts without consuming a calorie. It’s hard to believe these awesome cake and cupcake costumes aren’t made out of sugar. Discover how to make these pillowy frosted confections look so delectable.

Add a headpiece to your costume with a cherry or a dollop of extra frosting to top off your cupcakes. In addition, pair your costume with a baker friend or make a stroller into a cupcake liner for your little cupcake baby.

Also, check out the tiered wedding and birthday cakes for a dramatically elegant costume presentation.

So whether you are partial to buttercream or fondant, bake up amazing cake and cupcake costumes this Halloween!

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