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Coolest Homemade Girl Popping out of a Cake Costume

I created this homemade ‘girl popping out of a cake’ costume twice, the second time I got more creative. Warning: It is very difficult to use the bathroom or sit in this costume but the reactions from others is well worth it.

The hardest thing is finding the round hat boxes large enough to fit into. You can see the first one is slimmer (I was thinner at the time) then the second time I did this.

Materials needed:

– Two large hat boxes **
– A utility knife
– Spray Paint
– Decorative Cake items
– Small hat box
– Birthday Candles
– a bikini top
– Spray insulator foam
– very strong Glue ++
– elastic
– birthday cake candles and holders
– hot glue gun and glue sticks
– newspaper or plastic drop cloth

** One slightly smaller than the next. Note that if you can find white or light colored boxes it’s easier to paint, printed boxes require a lot of base coat paint, which can start to warp the boxes.

++ I suggest Gorilla Glue.

Once you have your two larger boxes you need to measure your hips and waist, cut a hole in the top of each box large enough to fit through and rest on your hip area but also leaving enough room to glue the smaller on on top of the larger one.

Let the boxes dry 24 hrs. It helps to lay them on plastic or newspaper upside down and place a large heavy book on top for pressure.

Once the glue is dry you can decorate your cake. I found pink icing looking trim at the craft store and used candy dots on the white paper for one and spray painted mints and smarties pink for the other. Be creative, anything goes.

To make the hat paint the small round box what ever color your cake costume is and decorate accordingly. Next take a small size round box and attach elastic to each side by making a small X cut, feeding the elastic through the X cut and knotting on the inside of the box. On the top of the box make several more X cuts, insert the birthday cake candle holder and secure on the inside with hot glue. Once all the candle holders are in place and secure with hot glue, use the hot glue gun to glue the candles into the candle holders.

To make the Whipped cream bikini top, spread out newspaper or plastic, take the insulation foam (read directions on use) and start to make spirals as you would with a can of whipped cream. NOTE the foam does expand in size. I made about 15 piles of foam and once they dried I matched two up that were the most similar. Let the foam complete dry according to directions on the package. Once dry spray-paint white and hot glue to a bikini top.

I wore fish nets and boy shorts for the Va Va Voom look but wear what ever you feel comfortable in.

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