Yummy Homemade Sushi Hand Roll Halloween Costume

Here’s what I used:

  • White felt
  • Black Vinyl Fabric
  • Black poster board
  • Packing foam
  • Styrofoam balls
  • Green Tulle
  • White packing peanuts
  • Some markers & spray paint
  • My trusted hot glue gun
  • Velcro

For my Yummy Homemade Sushi Hand Roll Halloween Costume I started out with some white felt, a large enough piece that I could cut a hole for his head to come thru and just slightly drape over his shoulders. I then took a large piece of black vinyl fabric and wrapped it around him and marked it where I needed to cut some arm holes, making sure the back was taller and the point was in the spot I wanted it. Once the arm holes were cut, I hot glued the vinyl fabric in place to the white felt, leaving the front open so it an be wrapped. I used some black poster board cut to the same shape and then glued to the vinyl to stiffen up the seaweed that stands up behind his head. For the avocado, shrimp and cucumber pieces I cut shapes out of packing foam and colored it with either markers or paint and then hot glued them into place. I used white Styrofoam balls spray painted orange to look like smelt eggs and then used the white packing peanuts glued to the white felt to simulate the rice and added a little touch of green tulle just for more color and dimension.

I then placed Velcro in the spots where I wanted the wrap to stay closed.

and VOILA!!! The most cutest Sushi Hand Roll EVER!

Here's what I used:</p><p>White felt<br /> Black Vinyl Fabric<br /> Black poster board<br /> Packing foam<br /> Styrofoam balls<br /> Green Tulle<br /> White packing peanuts<br /> Some m