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Coolest Sushi Roll Costume for Kids!

Our family loves sushi. If you ask my 4-year-old what she would like for dinner, the answer is always the same… SUSHI!

For this Sushi roll costume I used two cardboard circles that came from underneath frozen pizzas, two narrow strips of cardboard (about 4 or 5 inches wide) that were long enough to wrap almost completely around the circles (I left a little room for her legs to move freely), some scrap foam I had in the garage, white packing peanuts, small pom-poms from the craft store, black duct tape, acrylic craft paints, and ribbon for the straps. Also, I used lots of hot glue and a few staples for the straps.

The first thing I did was cut the foam and paint it. You can make whatever filling you want — I did tuna, salmon, avocado, krab and cucumber. Make two of each. Once those are dry, arrange them on your cardboard circles, leaving enough room around the edges for your packing peanut “rice.” Before attaching the ingredients to the circle, hot glue the edges of each piece to each other. Wrap the outside of the ingredients with black duct tape to simulate seaweed. Set them aside.

Take one of the cardboard circles and one strip of cardboard and attach them using black duct tape. The easiest way I found to do this is to lay the cardboard strip on the edge of your work surface and put duct tape all the way down one side of it, with half of the tape hanging off. The exposed duct tape will go on the circle. Bend the cardboard strip around the circle and add more tape if needed. Repeat for the other circle.

Now you can hot glue the ingredients to each circle. Remember to center them, leaving room for your “rice.” Hot glue on the packing peanuts and add pom-poms to the top to simulate masago.

For the straps, I cut four pieces of ribbon and stapled them to the edge of the cardboard strips, two on each side, shoulder width apart. I reinforced the staples with more duct tape. Tie the ribbons from the back half of the sushi roll to the ribbons on the front half. It should fit right over the child’s head — similar to a sandwich board.

I also made a wasabi and ginger headband to top it off. I used a plain black headband and felt from the craft store in wasabi green and light pink.

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, please ask!

Coolest Sushi Roll Costume for Kids!

Coolest Sushi Roll Costume for Kids!

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