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Coolest Homemade Sushi Couple Costume

I always challenge myself to create a unique and fun costume each year. It’s always a little more difficult since I’m Asian. I can’t exactly dress up as Barbie or a cowgirl. So, I thought a really appropriate costume would be a piece of sushi.

I started this Sushi Couple Costume with a white t-shirt. I bought packing peanuts and glued them all over the shirt to make the “rice”. It’s a lot harder to find white packing peanuts now since most companies are trying to be eco-friendly. I finally found some at Office Max, but they were biodegradable which means if they get wet, they disintegrate. If possible, try to find ones that are not biodegradable or you’ll have to hope it doesn’t rain or you don’t sweat. I used Aleene’s fabric glue to glue the packing peanuts to the shirt.

Next, I bought swimsuit fabric in black to make the “nori” piece around my waist. I simply cut a strip and tied it in the front.

I decided to be shrimp nigiri so I used some satin material from the formal wear section because it was the only material I could find in the right color for a piece of shrimp. I used fabric paint to make it look more like a piece of shrimp.

Just in case people could not figure out my costume, I decided to make a Kikkoman soy sauce purse. I used a stiff felt, cut out the letters and designs and glued them on with the fabric glue.

I drew my cut-outs on poster board and used them as patterns. It is easier to do it this way in case you make a mistake, you can just erase on the poster board before cutting your fabric.

I decided to just wear jeans with the costume, but you could use white pants or sweatpants.

This can also be a couples costume. My husband also went as a piece of nigiri. He was unagi. Again, we just used brown satiny material to cut a piece of eel.

We got compliments on our costumes everywhere we went.

Homemade Sushi Couple Costume

Homemade Sushi Couple Costume

Homemade Sushi Couple Costume

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