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Coolest Homemade Franks and Cheese Couple Costume

I had so much fun making these costumes. You will have too! I wanted something simple and inexpensive for our 2014 Cub Scout Homemade Costume Contest. So began my online search for an easy, creative costume. I looked at over 100 different costumes and many websites and when I saw this costume, I knew it was the ONE! My oldest son loves Mac-N-Cheese – he LOVED the costume! So I made my youngest a Hot Dog, and they could be Franks and Cheese like dinner at Friendly’s.

Macaroni and Cheese Costume

What you need:

  • Laundry Basket
  • Blue Poster board – 2 in blue
  • Foam Sheets for macaroni noodles and boarder on the bottom of the laundry basket
  • Foam hat or something to decorate as a hat
  • Acrylic paint in yellow
  • Long Sleeve yellow shirt (I had to buy one and dye to get right color)
  • Aluminum Foil for fork
  • Cardboard for fork
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Black Sharpie – for writing words

Hot Dog Costume

What you need:

  • Beige Fleece – for hot dog bun
  • Red Fleece – for hot dog
  • Red Thread
  • Green Felt – 1 sheet – for relish garnish
  • Yellow Felt – 1 sheet – for mustard garnish

Didn’t really take me that long to make this costume – a few hours and it was inexpensive.  I like that!

The boys won both contests at the Cub Scout Pack Meeting for “Most Original Costume” for the Cub Scout in his Den and for the Sibling Costume Contest. I received so many compliments at the Pack meeting. One Mom said “It was my favorite costume of the night!”  WOW! The Boy Scouts judge the contest and there was one Boy Scout that as soon as we walked in to the hall, said – “Macaroni and Cheese – he’s gonna win!”  LOL!  My son had a smile from ear to ear all night. I think he liked it better than the Robin Hood costume that won last year that I had made.

My son received many compliments on Halloween night from neighbors. Despite the rain, he went out with a plastic poncho to keep dry! This one’s a keeper.  I’ll be using it again in a few years for the youngest.

So, if you’re looking for something unique and not a lot of work – Try Franks and Cheese! Or Just Macaroni and Cheese. They’ll be fun to make and who knows, you just might win a costume contest! Have Fun “Franks and Cheesing” on Halloween.

Franks and Cheese
Franks and Cheese

Laundry Basket

Cut out bottom.

My husband saw the size of it and he said that wouldn’t even hold a day’s laundry. LOL! It was a small basket. But it worked, perfect size for my son. And I got one for $.98!

Make a template for poster board/Cut/Glue on Basket

We made a template first to cut out the blue poster board and cut out poster-board and hot glue to laundry basket.

This part cracked me up. My husband spent about three hours trying to figure it out the angles and I finally said, “Are you an engineer?” It didn’t need to be perfect so he just free handed it and it worked perfectly!

Engineers, do any of you know one? LOL!

Copy Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Package

Enlarge front of package and cut out what portion you want and glue to poster board on laundry basket.

Enlarge back of package with “instructions” and “nutrition information” and glue on back of of the laundry basket.

Make Macaroni Foam Rolls, Border for Laundry Basket, and Fork

Cut each foam sheet in half and then each half into thirds. Roll each piece and staple ends and hot glue center so they will lay flat.  You will have six macaroni from each foam sheet.

Write ‘Ready in 3.5 minutes’ on one macaroni and glue on laundry basket.

Make a straight edge border in the macaroni foam (you will need two borders) about 2-3″ wide.

Write “original flavor” on the front and hot glue each piece to front and back of laundry basket.

Make a fork out of cardboard, cover with aluminum foil and glue more macaroni foam rolls to the fork.

Dye Shirt, if needed

I bought a long sleeved shirt (it was really cold here and RAINY for Halloween in the Northeast) at Walmart and Liquid Rit Dye and made up my own coloring to dye the shirt. Came out great! I used Lemon Yellow and Orange.

I used paper towels and dipped them into the color to test the coloring until I got the color I wanted.

If you have a yellow shirt already, then you’re golden!

Hot Dog Costume

Make a hood out of the red fleece and then tie the end so it looks like a frankfurter.

Sew beige and red fleece together by wrapping the beige fleece around to the front so it was one piece in the back and sewing the red fleece up each side to make the frankfurter piece in the center of the front of the costume.

Make sleeves or armholes by estimating placement for the armholes and cutting the hot dog bun on the sides and sewing in sleeves.

Made the mustard form and glued on the hot dog from yellow felt.

Cut 1” squares for relish from green felt and glued them on the hot dog.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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