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Yummiest Homemade Mac and Cheese Costume

My 4 year old son Gavin is absolutely in LOVE with Mac and cheese, and eats it every day!! I always have told him, “you eat so much Mac and cheese you’re going to turn into mac n cheese!!!” And he DID!!! In this homemade Mac and Cheese costume he helped make himself.

Mac and Cheese Costume Materials

We gathered our supplies. A round laundry basket and toilet paper rolls (we had to ask family members to save for about a month so we had enough. Every friends house we would go to and use the last of the toilet paper we took the roll. We were hoarding them for weeks, like a squirrel with nuts.). White and golden yellow acrylic paint, yellow tissue paper, blue poster board, Kraft easy mac label found on Google images, printed and cut out, yellow shirt, blue pants or jeans, paracord or string, hot glue gun and glue, scissors, and paint brushes.

Making the Mac and Cheese Costume

Our first step was to paint these toilet paper tubes we had been collecting. Prep a painting area and let the little ones help here! paint the tubes white first to get the best results. Remember to paint the inside and outside of the tubes.

While waiting for tubes to dry, cut the bottom of the laundry basket out. Fit the basket to the child and use the paracord or string to make suspenders or straps to go over the child’s shoulders and support the basket hands free. You can paint the string if you like to match.

Cut the poster board to fit around the basket and attach under the top rim of the basket with hot glue. Attach the pre printed easy mac label to the front of the basket. hot glue crumpled yellow tissue into the inside lip of the basket to fill the space between the child and the basket.

Once the tubes are dry, hot glue them to the shirt. I made a noodle crown by stringing paper tubes in a circle and fitting to the child’s head, you can cut tubes in half here to make a correct fit. tie the string and hot glue the knot into the inside of one of the tubes.

Mac and Cheese Costume Reactions

Ta-da! your costume is complete. we planned to make a fork out of a paper towel tube and card board, but apparently someone went as the tin man for Halloween because our Walmart was out of silver paint. I’m sure at 4 years old, let’s be honest, I would have been carrying the fork the whole time.

Everyone commented on my son’s costume while we were out. many people stopped us to take pictures, and we heard a lot of ” that is the best costume I have seen all day”. my son was sure happy because he got a lot of extra candy because people loved his costume so much!

Hope we have as much fun creating next year’s costume :)


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