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Coolest Mac and Cheese Costume

Our daughter LOVES Mac and Cheese! When I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween of course as a 2 year old she said Mac and Cheese. So my husband and I put our brains together to make her a Mac and Cheese Costume.

We use a push cart platform for most of the girls costumes. We started with a blue round toy box. He stenciled with yellow spray paint Mac and Cheese on the front. We also used about 50 PVC Elbows spray painted yellow. I bought a yellow sweat suit and attached a lot of the elbows to her with clear thread.

My husband screwed several elbow noodles down to the floor of the platform along with the blue bowl. I put a pillow in the bottom of the bowl to make it more comfortable for her and she had a blast riding around in a giant bowl of Mac & Cheese! The whole thing cost me less then $40

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