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Coolest Macaroni and Cheese Costume

My little sister came to me with an idea for her next Halloween costume – she wanted to be her favorite food, Macaroni and cheese. As the big sister, I am frequently called upon to make something “cool”. I looked around a little for ideas, and then got to work.

I made the “cup” from a small white laundry basket, and cut out the bottom. I had saved toilet paper tubes and painted them orange. I made the label out of regular white poster board, drew & painted on the logo. I then hot glued the label to the basket, and then the “macaroni”. I added straps I made from an old sheet and glued salt & pepper shakers I made from cardboard.

The fork is made from cardboard I cut in the shape of a fork, then attached it to a Christmas paper roll. I added some newspaper and paper mache’d the handle of the fork & painted it to look like a real fork. I cut and hot glued the noodles to the fork, and added a lot of extra hot glue to create “gooey cheese” and then painted the dried glue orange.

I also made a cardboard “Kraft” logo, and made a sparkly hair clip. My little sister had such a good time, and definitely soaked up all the comments she got on her “coolest homemade Macaroni and Cheese costume”!

Coolest Macaroni and Cheese Costume - The finished Macaroni Cup & Fork

Coolest Macaroni and Cheese Costume - Dripped hot glue and painted it orange

Coolest Macaroni and Cheese Costume - Fork before Macaroni was added

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Macaroni and Cheese Costume”

  1. This is amazing no lots of love time n effort went in to it you can see that you are a amazing talent theat needs to expande her self congrates on a great coustum n a good family sharin time with your sister she will remeber for ever

  2. Terrific costume. You are so talented, Ashley. Who knew that a laundry basket and toilet paper rolls could be that great.

  3. My 2 year old son announced he wanted to be mac n cheese for halloween and I got scared. How will I ever be able to make him a costume that doesn’t look ridiculous? Well, now I know how. Thanks so much for posting this. Im so glad I don’t have to either get him to change his mind or figure this out on my own. Im not too crafty but even these instructions are doable. Thanks for sharing.


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