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Coolest Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume

For this Halloween I wanted a really cute and creative costume! I came to this website and searched the costumes for hours.

I rarely eat sweets but many people often tell me how sweet I am.. So I thought to myself, what better costume should I be than something sweet and yummy! So I started to brainstorm. I thought of candy, chocolate, ice cream, then it just hit me, a Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume.

I saw some pictures on here that were good inspirations but I wanted to make my cupcake costume all my own. My favorite color is pink so I knew I had to be a pink cupcake.

These are the supplies I used:

Small round laundry basket (for the cupcake paper bottom)
Shiny silver material found at Joann?s (3 yards was JUST enough)
Poster board
Colored pink hair spray
Regular hair spray
Glitter pom poms
Hot Glue
Fabric Glue
Pink Glittery Tulle
Light pink felt
1 big red pom pom
1 brown pipe cleaner

I began with the laundry basket. I cut the bottom of the laundry basket completely out because I was going to be stepping into it and putting it around my hips and waist.

I can NOT sew so I used fabric glue and hot glue for my entire costume.

I pleated the sliver material with the fabric glue. This took a very long time. A few hours, actually. I recommend sewing or using hot glue. It will go faster than fabric glue.

Once the material was pleated, I stretched it over the laundry basket. To secure it in place, I used hot glue.

Once my silver cupcake bottom was complete, I began building the cupcake frosting top.

I took poster board and cut it in a half circle-type shape and hot glued that to the laundry basket inside the front and back. I cut 3 lines into the poster board and then glued them to each other to pull the poster board into the body some.

Since I wanted my cupcake costume to be pink, I tried thinking of a way to make the batting pink. I tried hot pink hair spray found at Walgreens and it worked GREAT plus it smelled good! I sprayed all of my batting with the colored hair spray and let it dry so it wasn’t tacky. I then sprayed it with regular hair spray to help it keep it’s form.

The next step was to hot glue the batting to the poster board. My flaw in my design was that I didn’t use enough hot glue! My biggest tip is to use lots of hot glue when putting on the batting. And be very careful because the glue will quickly melt through the batting and burn your fingers if you are not careful. But again, do used lots of it.

The party I went to had lots of people. We kept bumping into each other and soon my batting was coming off my costume. People were nice enough to hand me my batting or try to stuff it back onto the cupcake itself. But by the end of the night, it fell apart because I just didn’t use enough hot glue! But to give my costume credit, it DID last a good 4 hours before I decided to take it off.

Then I hot glued the glittery pom poms onto the batting on front and back for sprinkles! I used glittery tulle cut in long strips for my straps. I looped them inside through the laundry basket and then over my shoulders and criss-cross across my back to hold the basket up.

I then made a hat with more glittery tulle. I folded it like a fan and hot glued it on top of itself. Putting a layer of light pink felt in there for texture. On top of the hat, I used a giant red pom pom for a cherry with a brown pipe cleaner for a stem. I hot glued a comb underneath so it could stay in my hair. With remaining tulle, I made a necklace and hot glued a cupcake sticker to the tulle.

To complete the costume, I used a pink tank top I already had. I bought really cute silver shorts to wear under the cupcake bottom just in case I took off the costume (which I did after the batting got pulled off), I bought glittery grey tights, and borrowed glittery silver shoes. My make-up was lots of glittery pink!

Everyone thought my costume was very creative. Mission accomplished!

Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume

The cupcake costume after some of the batting has been pulled off.

Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Cupcake Halloween Costume”

  1. I’ve seen a couple different cupcake costume ideas online, but this one was by far the most adorable! Maybe it’s because I also love pink, but she thought of everything, right down to the last detail. As you look at her costume, for someone who cannot sew, she did an amazing job! The silver material on the bottom looked like it was sewn. Her pleats were perfect. The pink hairspray idea was adorable and genius. If she had used spray paint, it would have made the batting too heavy and would have looked clumpy (is that word?). Hairspray was perfect because it’s light AND, as she said, probably smelled great, too. Also, the two other cupcakes I had read about used a plastic flower pot with the bottom cut out. This one used a laundry basket instead, which I thought was also genius because it allowed some extra give to the process. I would imagine her costume was much easier to move around in, for one, and it naturally provided a way for her to tie the tulle in the basket slats for the straps. This costume should win an award or something!!!

  2. You tied everything together so well! I agree, you thought of everything down to every last detail! I admire you telling us your flaws and how WE could fix them if we tried your costume for ourselves! The pink hair spray idea seems brilliant! And who would have thought you didn’t sew anything on this costume, wow! Great job!


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