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Coolest Homemade Cupcake Woman’s Costume

I had so much fun making this Homemade Cupcake Woman’s Costume! But be aware, it has a lot more work involved than you may think!

Cupcake liner: I started out by folding a cardboard box (cut off top folds first and just leave the 4 sides) like an accordion and placing a heavy object on top so the creases stay. Wrap the cardboard around you to measure and see if you need to cut off any more. MEASUREMENTS ARE KEY!
Lay the cardboard flat on the ground to decorate.

I then sprayed it section by section with craft spray glue and placed purple felt on top. Make sure you spray enough glue (even if you can see it coming through the felt. It will dry clean), and make sure you press the felt down into the creases; any air bubbles left will cause you problems.

Once the felt is dry, take some spray glitter (I used 2 cans-I LOVE glitter!) and spray the heck out of that thing! The more glitter the better! Seriously, it will look amazing at any time of the day, and it shows up great in photos. Once everything is dry you can start making the top (frosting) part of the cupcake.

Frosting: I bought 2 yards of hot pink glitter tulle, but I doubt you will need this much. After all of the cuts and re-measuring I did, I didn’t need that much either. Cut the tulle according to the length of your cardboard, allowing for further cuts on the ends. You need to leave a little bit of extra room just in case your measurements don’t work out once you glue the cardboard into a circle.

Once you have glued one side of the tulle to the top portion of the cardboard, begin laying pillow stuffing and/or cotton onto the tulle. Making it as fluffy as you want! Cut the length of the tulle so you can glue the pieces together to sort of make a “pipe” of stuffing. You need to spray the heck out of the seam to the tulle. Lie it flat (seam facing up) and allow to dry. Continue this process for as many rows as you would like. Be sure to leave lose ends on the tulle so you can tie them together later.

The top layer I made it into a triangle and kept measuring it using my body. You do not want the costume too fluffy so you can move your arms, or breathe because it’s in your face. Glue the bottom of it to the last section of tulle, and tie the top part over your shoulder into a bow.
********Glue the ends of your cardboard together. Make sure to measure before you glue! You need room to move around and possibly sit down*********

Straps: These can be done before OR after you glue your cardboard ends together. Whatever is easiest for you. I used “sprinkles” fabric and just glued them together, and to the board. It’s super easy. Either sew them and then glue, or do it how I did. Super easy. Don’t really need to explain here.

Sprinkles: Buy glitter multi-colored pom-poms and use your glue gun to secure them onto the tulle
Decorate the cupcake liner with any other pom-poms, glitter, or decorations you would like. Maybe even more glitter!

Coolest Homemade Cupcake Woman's Costume

Coolest Homemade Cupcake Woman's Costume

Coolest Homemade Cupcake Woman's Costume

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