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Coolest Homemade Cupcake with Sprinkles Costume

We have always called our daughter our little cupcake, so I had to try to make her a Homemade Cupcake with Sprinkles Costume.

– Two pieces of firm, yet bendable, plastic tubing, each 36 inches long.
– Gorilla tape (or strong duct tape)
– 4 large 12 x 18 inch pieces of pink craft foam
– 24 inch diameter circle of brown felt
– 5 feet of gross grain ribbon
– quilt batting cut in a 1 foot x 8 foot rectangle
– one package of craft pompoms in color of your choice
– 4 inch Styrofoam ball
– 2 barrettes
– bottle of red glitter glue
– green pipecleaner
– hot glue gun
– spray adhesive

The cupcake form shaped by taping each of the two pieces of tubing into a circle shape, one slightly smaller than the other, with the gorilla tape. Make sure that the circles are both large enough to go over the wearers head and shoulders, so that the cupcake can go on over the head.

Accordion fold the craft foam and hot glue the top edge of the inner peaks of the accordion, evenly spaced around the larger circle of tubing. Then, hot glue the smaller circle about 8 inches below the first circle. This will take patience, but will form the “cup” of your cupcake.

Cut the ribbon into two pieces and tie it to the larger circle of tubing to make “suspenders” to support the cupcake from the shoulders. Adjust to ribbon length to the wearers size.

Cut a hole in the center of the felt circle for the head and make two smaller holes for the arms. Then hot glue the edge of the felt circle around the top of the larger circle of tubing. You will have to gather the felt up to give your cupcake a puffy appearance as you glue. Now you have your basic cupcake form.

Time for frosting! Roll the rectangle of batting to make a long thin tube. Secure the roll with spray adhesive. Use spray adhesive to attach the roll around the outer area of the brown felt. The rest of the roll can be left loose and draped around the wearer after the costume is on. Decorate your frosting with pompom “sprinkles” attached with hot glue.

No cupcake is complete without a cherry on top! Decorate your foam ball with red glitter and give it a pipecleaner stem. Hot glue the cherry, some extra batting and a few sprinkles to a scrap of craft foam. Hot glue the completed headpiece to a few barrettes for an easy to wear finishing touch.

The coordinating treat bucket was made from a plastic bucket with a similar technique.

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  1. I love this! But I’m worried that I’m still too un-coordinated to follow your directions and get it looking just as nice as yours!


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