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Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume

I decided to make my costume for Halloween this year. At first, I thought I would make a robot. But after Googling homemade Halloween costumes I found this website!

For my Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume, I used the following:
* Laundry Basket (dollar tree)
* Poster (dollar tree)
* Shiny silver wrapping paper (dollar tree)
* Flower shaped foam sheets (dollar tree)
* Pipe cleaners (dollar tree)
* Headbands (dollar tree/Claire?s $4)
* Toilet paper roll
* Battery candle lights (3/$1 @ dollar tree)
* Pink ruffle skirt (target $15)
* Polyfil (craft store?about $3-4)
* Pom poms (hobby lobby?about $6 total)
* Styrofoam ball (craft store $2?)
* Silver ruffle fabric (hobby lobby $4)
* Cupcake ribbon (crafts store $3-4)
* Safety pins!!!! (craft store?about $5-6?)
* Silver spray paint (any craft store $7)
* White gloves (dance store $12)
* Silver mini skirt (amazon.com $14)
* Red paint (less than a $1 @ craft store – cheap stuff)

The Tin:

First, I cut the bottom out of the laundry basket.
Then, I folded the poster(s) like an accordion to get the tin effect.

After that, I cut the poster in half & hot glued them around the outside of the basket (I should have spray painted the basket and posters first but didn’t until after I put it all together)

Next, I cut strips of the shiny silver wrapping paper and covered each section on my ‘tin'(the spray paint isn’t a must, but it definitely helped because some of the shiny strips of paper fell off).

After hot gluing the wrapping paper, I cut short strips of cupcake ribbon to give the bottom of my tin a border (I wore a silver mini skirt under my tin, so I would be able to take off the tin when I needed/had to).

The Frosting:

I found this pink ruffled layer skirt in the Halloween section at Target & decided to make it easy and stuff it with polyfil for my frosting. So, there were 4 layers of this tulle on the skirt. I only used 2 of them to tuck polyfil under & safety pin. I safety pinned from the bottom, which you should be able to see in a photo posted. I kept the safety pins a couple inches apart because I still needed to safety pin my ‘sprinkles’ (pom poms) through the inside also.

** You could make this easier & just hot glue pom poms, but I want to re-use this skirt again! I also safety pinned silver sparkly pom poms around the top of the skirt/(my frosting) with a silver bow, just to give it more shine!

Next, I used the silver ruffle fabric to safety pin a halter around my neck (Pretty sure I only bought one yard – I am 5’7)

The Candle/Cherry:

My original plan was to make a candle for the headpiece. So, I bought a dollar tree headband to test this out. I then used a toilet paper roll & covered it with the shiny silver wrapping paper.

Next, I cut out a small circular piece of foam to cover the top of it because I needed to hot glue one of the battery run candle-lights (I realized I would not be able to do this until the night of because I would have to turn on my light THEN hot glue it).

I used a couple of the flower foam sheets and hot glued them to the headband. Then, hot glued the bottom of the toilet paper roll to the flower sheets & this became my candle light headpiece!

** Because I was iffy whether or not my candle light would work, I also bought/made the following: I found a sparkly red headband at a craft store, knew it would work perfect for the cherry headpiece. After painting a styrofoam ball red, & sticking a sparkly gold pipe cleaner in the top for the stem, I hot glued it to the headband.

I wore the candle piece the first night & the light ended up going out, but I don’t believe it was because of the battery… the candlelight I noticed needed to keep pressure in order to light up.

On Halloween night I wore the cherry piece. I’m glad I made this as a back up because there were some perverts who thought the candle was a sex toy – one even asked if it was a man’s ‘you know’.

*** Oh! Some additional little things I looked for was jewelry. I already had lip balms that were mini cupcakes, so I decided to buy rings from hobby lobby to hot glue a couple and wear them out. Nothin’ better than gloss on the go! ;). I also found a cute silver necklace from Forever 21 with a little cupcake on it, for $2.80!!

AND – I decided to top the whole outfit off by sticking a few sprinkles by my eye * LOOK CLOSELY in the main photo above, and you will notice! =)

I really enjoyed creating this Pretty Pink homemade cupcake costume & sharing how I made it. I will definitely be making another costume next year! Hope yall can benefit from the info I have given!!

Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume - inside of my tin

Frosting... As you can see I safety pinned everything from the inside/out

Coolest Pretty Pink Homemade Cupcake Costume - the other head piece...the lit up candle..

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