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Sweetest Toddler Cupcake Costume – No Sew and Budget Friendly!

The inspiration for this Cupcake costume came from my 2 year old daughter, Vivian. Vivian loves everything about cupcakes: helping Mommy make them, decorating them, and especially eating them! When Halloween came along I thought a cupcake would be a perfect costume for her. This is how I made this costume. First, I gathered the needed materials;

  • 1-Old lap shade (I wanted to keep the cost of the costume low so I upcycled when able) Cost: Free
  • 1- yard of pink fleece ( It is cold outdoors around Halloween so I wanted the costume to be warm) Cost: $5 @ Walmart
  • 1-package of adhesive Velcro Cost: $1 @Walmart
  • 1-package of pom-poms Cost: $1 @ Dollar Tree
  • 1-package of pipe cleaner Cost:free ( I already had it, but It can be purchased at the Dollar Tree)
  • 1-Old hat from Easter Cost: Free
  • 1-Package of glue sticks Cost: $1 @ Dollar Tree
  • 1- Pink Turtle neck Cost: Free ( Not needed for the costume, but it kept her warm)
  • 1- Pink Tights Cost: Free (Not needed for the costume, but they kept her warm)
  • 1- Can of Sliver spray paint Cost: $5 @Walmart
  • 1- Styrofoam apple from old X-mas decoration Cost: Free ( Could be bought at dollar store or made)

Total costume cost; $13

This is how I made the costume:

First, I spray painted the lampshade silver. Then, I cut enough fleece to go around the lapshade ( I made it a little big for room for mistakes).

After that I flipped the lap shade upside down and drilled holes in it (the lap shade is worn with the big hole around the waist of the child and the small hole around their legs). On the big ring I punched holes to tie straps through so my daughter could keep the lap shade around her waist. I made the suspender style straps out of some of the left over fleece.

Next, I attached the fleece that would go around the lapshade and act as a top to the costume. I used the Velcro to attach the fleece so the costume could be taken on and off easily.

Next, I had my daughter try on the costume so I could figure out where I needed to cut the arm holes out. I cut the arm hole out.

Then, I closed up the back of the “top” using the hot glue gun and overlapping fabric and gluing

I decorated the costume with cut pipe cleaner and pom poms, again using hot glue.

I made hat by taking an old Easter hat and cutting the bill off of it, then covering it in fleece, attaching by folding and using hot glue. I then decorated with the pom poms and pipe cleaner and made the cherry on top with an old Styrofoam apple from a X-mas decoration I just cut off the stem..

I put the tights and shirt underneath the costume to keep her warm. When she went trick or treating everyone loved the costume, I even had two people (neighbors, but strangers nonetheless ask to take her picture). My neighbor across the street liked the costume so much she called her husband and teenage daughter to come to the door and see it. I had such a positive reaction that after this costume I vowed to always go homemade for Halloween!

This was a pretty easy costume to make with no sewing and very low budget if you have some of the materials. This was my first attempt at making a costume and it turned out great!

Sweetest Toddler Cupcake Costume - No Sew and Budget Friendly!

Sweetest Toddler Cupcake Costume - No Sew and Budget Friendly!

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