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Coolest Pink Chocolate Cupcake Costume

I made this pink chocolate cupcake costume for my four year old daughter. She loves chocolate and anything pink, so I combined the two to make a “sweet” costume! Total time was about 6-8 hours and total cost was about $12. Most of the time is hand-sewing.

I used a lampshade for the bottom. My husband sawed off the metal piece inside (the piece that holds the light bulb), and trimmed about 3 inches off of it, so it was above her knees. He spray painted it with silver metallic spray paint. We inverted the shade to look like the cupcake liner.

The cupcake and frosting are tubes of satin cloth. I measured the circumference of the lampshade to figure out how long to make the tubes; for this shade, it was about 60″. The satin cloth was 44″ wide, so I needed a generous 1 2/3 yards. It cost about $8 at the fabric store.

I then machine-sewed four tubes: 1 brown (chocolate) and 3 pink (frosting). I sewed each tube with the right sides together and then turned each one inside out to hide the seam. I stuffed each tube with polyester fiber fill. Note: don’t over stuff! You want it soft and pliable. If you put in too much fiberfill, the tube will be too stiff and not floppy, like frosting.

I used a heavy curved upholstery needle and thread to hand sew the tubes to the shade. I put duct tape around the inside of the shade, to reinforce it for when I started sewing. Sewing the brown tube to the shade was the hardest part, and the most time consuming– it took almost 45 minutes.

I then hand-stitched the pink tubes, one at a time, to the chocolate one, stacking them as I went up. For the last swirl, I cut a tube in half and sewed half of the tube to the front and half of the tube to the back, to leave room for her arms. I tacked the tops of the tubes together, front and back, to make it look like it was one continuous swirl.

I hot glued pom poms to the whole thing, for sprinkles.

Now… how do you get it to stay on?! I sewed two pieces of extra fabric (about 6″ long each) to the top tube, as straps to hold the whole thing up. The closer the straps are to the center of the costume, the better– straps that are far apart will not hold it up, it will slide right off the shoulders.

I made 4 tubes for the hat, the same way I made the costume, except I used only pink. I painted a plastic ball with red acrylic paint (for a cherry) and hot glued a green pipe cleaner on the top (for a stem).

This pink chocolate cupcake costume is perfect for a girl who always eats the frosting first!

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