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Coolest Homemade Cupcake Toddler Costume Idea

This cute little homemade cupcake toddler costume idea can pretty easily be made in a day with a few easily obtained supplies and basic sewing skills.


– a lampshade wide enough to be worn around the waist and walk in
– a turtleneck about 3-4 sizes larger than your child normally wears
– felt (red, white, green, and any other colors you chose)
– ribbon
– a green or black chenille pipe cleaner
– one bag of pillow or quilt batting
– a shirt or onesie to be worn beneath
– a skirt you don’t mind possibly ruining
– a hot glue gun and/or needle and thread

Step 1:

Sew the skirt to the shirt/onesie around the waistline. Also remove the wire on the top of the lampshade and invert it. Then, while having your child wear the shirt/skirt, determine where you want the shade to hang and estimate where to sew the skirt to the inside of the shade. This will act as a sort of suspender to hold the shade up and the fluff in. You can add over-the-shoulder suspenders instead should you chose, but since my child does not like things pulling on her shoulders I chose this method.

Remove the shirt/skirt from your child and then sew the skirt onto the shade using a color of thread to match the shade.

Step 2:

Take the turtle neck and use either a needle and thread or hot glue to add “sprinkles” cut from the colored felt. Glitter can also be added to the felt dots for pizazz if desired.

Step 3:

Cut two matching cloud shapes out of the white felt to be used as a hat. Sew or glue them together, making sure a bit of batting is in between in order to fluff it up. Add a ribbon to each side so that it may be tied under the chin.

Using the red felt, sew a ball shaped cherry filled with fluff. The green felt used to make the leaves and the chenille pipe cleaner will be used to make the stem. Attach it to the white felt hat. Add a few smaller sprinkles as well.

Voila! Now all you have to do is dress your child.

Dress child in shirt/skirt/shade and a pair of tights. Put the embellished turtleneck over top. Then add the batting under the turtleneck to your desired level of fluffiness. Tuck the ends of the turtleneck into the lampshade. Tie on the ‘cherry on top’ hat and you are set!

** Tips:

– I used brown shoe polish on my lampshade to get the color desired.
– This costume is not very “sit friendly” so you may want to add a slit on the sides for both that and better walkability.
– If you have leftover white felt you can add a little peter pan collar to the turtleneck as I did.

Homemade Cupcake Toddler Costume Idea

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