Coolest Homemade Cupcake Toddler Costume Idea

Homemade Cupcake Toddler Costume Idea

This cute little homemade cupcake toddler costume idea can pretty easily be made in a day with a few easily obtained supplies and basic sewing skills. Supplies: – a lampshade wide enough to be worn around the waist and walk in – a turtleneck about 3-4 sizes larger than your child normally wears – felt … Read more

Coolest Ladybug Costume

Coolest Ladybug Costume 7

This home sewn ladybug costume sewn for my 3 year old daughter is made out of a very basic dress pattern with some added frills. The main bodice of the dress is sewn of crushed velvet recycled from last year’s costume. Over top of that I added red polka dot taffeta, also recycled (from a … Read more

Coolest Dinosaur Costume

Coolest Dinosaur Costume 19

This home sewn dinosaur costume was made for my 6 year old son. It consists of a jumpsuit as a body and a head constructed of cloth and cardboard fitted for the child’s head to be looking out through an open mouth. The body is a simple one piece jumpsuit style easily adapted from any … Read more

Coolest Robot Unique Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Robot Unique Halloween Costume Idea

This Robot Unique Halloween Costume Idea is pretty simply engineered from items purchased from your local hardware store and clothing already on hand. Here are the basic supplies: – 1 cardboard box large enough to cover wearer’s torso – 1 package of flexible dryer duct (for adults this may needed to be subbed out for … Read more