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Coolest Robot Unique Halloween Costume Idea

This Robot Unique Halloween Costume Idea is pretty simply engineered from items purchased from your local hardware store and clothing already on hand. Here are the basic supplies:

– 1 cardboard box large enough to cover wearer’s torso
– 1 package of flexible dryer duct (for adults this may needed to be subbed out for something better suited for size)
– 1 can of silver spray paint
– tin foil
– 1 set of comfy, tight-fitting clothes (I used PJs)
– 1 roll of silver duct tape
– markers
– poster board
– a bucket large enough to wear as a hat
– various add-ons including a broach or pin, 2 strands of battery operated lights, electrical outlet, light switch, wires,2 shower rod end caps, and glitter.
– needle and thread and a hot glue gun with plenty of glue sticks

Step 1:

Tape your box up so it is sturdy, cut off the bottom flaps or tape them open if you choose. Then cut a hole for the head and holes for both arms. Then take the box to a well ventilated area and spray paint the box silver. This may take several coats.

Step 2:

Measure and cut enough of the flexible duct to cover both arms. Using both glue gun and duct tape, attach the duct to both arm holes. You may want to be sure to use a pair of pliers to bend the wire at the ends so as to not be a hazard.

Step 3:

Measure and cut enough flexible duct to cover the legs to the mid/upper thigh of wearer. Using needle and thread stitch the duct onto the pant legs of the clothing you have chosen to wear beneath. Again, bend the wires to prevent scratches.

Step 4:

Using poster board and markers, design several meters/gauges to decorate the front and back of the torso. Be creative! Once you have them drawn and cut use some hot glue to attach them to the box as desired.

Use this time to add any other embellishments you so choose to the box. I used a round broach covered in glitter to attach an arrow to one of the gauges. I also poked some small holes into both the front and back of the box to add lights. And finally I also added a few bent wires and the outlet and switch plates.

Step 5:

Using spray paint specifically designated for plastic (lest it easily be scraped off) pain the bucket to match the box. Once dry glue on either a face or more gauges designed from the poster board. I also used shower rod end caps, painted silver, on the bucket as bolts.

Depending on the size and fit of the bucket you choose you may need to fist trim an arc shape out of the front to be sure that the wearer’s face and vision is not hindered.

And there you have it! An easy to construct robot costume sure to garner many compliments!

**Final tips:

Depending on how large around you cut the head hole you may want to consider adding a tin foil neck cover.

Tip foil can also be used to add on to the hat.

Tin foil can be used to cover the ends of the arms if needed.

Silver duct tape can be used to cover your shoes to complete the look from head to toe.

Homemade Robot Unique Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Robot Unique Halloween Costume Idea

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