Coolest Dinosaur Costume

This home sewn dinosaur costume was made for my 6 year old son. It consists of a jumpsuit as a body and a head constructed of cloth and cardboard fitted for the child’s head to be looking out through an open mouth.

The body is a simple one piece jumpsuit style easily adapted from any pattern available on the market. It has a full length zipper up the back for easy on and off. I also added a contrasting tummy piece with a small amount of fiberfill to puff it out a smidge.

There is a tail attached to the read end. This is simply two curved triangle pieces (curved upwards to avoid being dragged) sewn together, stuffed with fiberfill, then hand sewn onto the jumpsuit.

The tail has fiberfill stuffed “spikes” of contrasting color sewn onto it (sewn into the seam). I also added several of these spikes up the back of the costume. Since I had a full length zipper, the placement of those was more challenging… but in the end I placed a snap onto either side of the zipper and corresponding snaps onto the spikes so that I could attach them over the zipper after the jumpsuit was on.

The head was made by forming the basic shape out of strips of cardboard. I attached it to a halo of cardboard fitted around my son’s head so that it would be more stable. After the basic shape was complete I used matching fabric (and red fabric for the interior of the mouth), fiberfill, and a hot glue gun to complete the head.

Finally I also made lightly stuffed feet that tied around his ankles and under his shoes to finish out the look.

All in all, this Dinosaur Costume took about a week to complete.

Coolest Dinosaur Costume 19

Coolest Dinosaur Costume 19