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Coolest Tabasco Sauce Halloween Costume

I love hot sauce so I thought this Tabasco sauce costume would be a perfect costume for me. I printed out the label on a t-shirt transfer paper and ironed it on the shirt. The hat is cardboard. If I had had more time, I was going to make a belt out of peppers and find red boots.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Tabasco Sauce Halloween Costume”

  1. I love this costume! its unique, but not too odd, and not cliche, like every other Halloween costume. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Great costume! Where did you get a copy of the label to print on the transfer paper? I have found tons of labels but when I try to enlarge for printing they get really distorted.

  3. i’m glad you guys like it! i made the hat out of red poster board and staples, really simple! i got the logo from here… . Since they’re in vector format they won’t distort if you make them bigger.

  4. I love this costume! How do you use the vector site? I try to search Tabasco, but it doesn’t bring up the logo? Thanks!

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