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Tapitio Sauce Man and Burrito Girl Couple Costume

Halloween is my favorite holiday and every year I always see amazing DIY couples costumes. This year I finally had a great idea for my boyfriend and I. It all came to me as we sat at a Mexican restaurant eating dinner. My boyfriend grabs the Tapitio Sauce to put on his burrito and it hits me! I can go as a burrito and he can be the Tapitio Sauce Man!

The Tapitio Sauce Man costume was easy. We went to a thrift store and found what we needed: a sombrero, a yellow blazer type jacket, a red mexican style tie and a white collard shirt. For the Tapitio logo sign we just used a piece of cardboard and cut out the shape of the ribbon as seen on the bottle. Then we used a pencil and drew out the lettering, painted it after and made a hole on each of the sign to put yarn through so he could wear it like a necklace. He already had a mustache but if you don’t have one you can draw one on or buy a stick on.

The burrito costume was a little more work but fun to make. I found everything I needed at a fabric craft store. I needed a thick fabric that would be the tortilla part of the costume that I could wrap around me but keep it’s shape. It was cream colored and I don’t remember the type of fabric exactly but I just kept feeling all the different textures till I found a good one.  I got enough that would fit around my entire body. I folded the fabric in half and cut one side like a half of a pie and sewed together. The straight part is the bottom and the round part is the top which would wrap around you like a burrito.

Then you need to cut holes to put your arms through. You will need help with this. Have someone wrap you then use a pencil to trace where arm holes should go. I used thick Velcro strips in the inner wrapping of the burrito to hold the fold together. After that I took it off and used a small can of brown spray paint on the outside part of the costume to make little slighted faded spots resembling the burned spots on a burrito. While that was drying I started on the filling. I purchased a brown T-shirt and a bunch of different colors of felt squares. Yellow for cheese and cut in long slices, red for tomatoes cut in squares, light brown scrunched up using a stapler for beans and dark brown scrunched up using stapler for ground beef.

I found some green paper stuffing used for baskets and used that for lettuce. I had someone staple all those things very carefully on the shirt and hot glue gun around the edges of the inner tortilla part. Next for the sour cream hat I used insulation foam. You need to do this a day prior to give time to dry. I had to do a few of them to get that perfect whipped look. I let it dry then spray painted white. I hot glue gunned a piece of ribbon to the bottom to wrap around my head. When I finally put on the finished product I laughed so hard! It was so funny!

We went to a friends Halloween party and we were so confident out costumes were gonna be a hit. Before making our entrance, we had to stoop low to clear a half closed garage door. As we rose up, things happened: the Lady Gaga in the corner spewed out her drink, the music screeched to a halt, and there were one or two audible gasps. As the party-goers fully processed what they were seeing, the calm before the storm subsided. Marios and Luigis alike dropped jaws in wonderment. Pirates and princesses high-fived. The laughter was so deafening, the belly-heavings and table-slappings and shoulder-punchings so uproarus that for a fleeting moment, I wondered if we were being made fun of (the Kung Fu Elvis in the back of the room was definitely smirking more than was necessary).

It was foolish to worry, though, for the last thing I recall before my blood alcohol concentration spun out of control was Spicoli (or perhaps it was Shaggy from Scoopy Doo) standing over me. “Heh-heh, great costumes bros!” Crafting the Tapitio Sauce Man/Burrito Girl combo costumes from scratch was easy. The hard part was coping with our new found glory that comes from winning 1st place/Best Couples’ Costumes, 1st place/Best Overall (non-sexy) and 2nd place/Best Food Related. Darn you, Twinkie the Kid!

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