Coolest Homemade Tapatio Hot Sauce Charro Costume

The concept for this homemade Tapatio Hot Sauce Charro costume was taken from a very popular hot sauce called “TAPATIO”… The logo for the hot sauce is a “charro” or mexican cowboy with a sly smile, big sombrero and red ribbon flowing across the chest that reads “SALSA PICANTE”… Being Mexican myself, I took the Dia De Los Muertos or ‘Day of The Dead’ idea and gave the “TAPATIO MAN” a lil sinister make over.

I made a trip to my local thrift store and was lucky to find a wooden hinged box that was just perfect to place an actual altered hot sauce bottle that I used as a sidekick and conversation piece during our party. As you see the costume, it only goes down to my chest, since that’s all you see in the original bottle. I wore a black long sleeve shirt, black pants and black shoes. Everything you see was handmade, besides that mask and wig I had laying around from a previous costume.


Homemade Tapatio Hot Sauce Charro Costume

Homemade Tapatio Hot Sauce Charro Costume

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