Me and my four friends all decided to be Taco Bell’s “fire” hot sauce packets for Halloween this year.

We bought the fabric at Joann fabrics and it is pleather fabric which looks a lot like the hot sauce packets themselves. One of the girls moms sewed the dresses for us in a form fitting shape specifically made for all of us. We cut out the letters for fire, the box where we put the quote and the Taco Bell emblem.

Each of us cut the box in a cool design and picked the quote we wanted from a list of funny ones. We each wrote them in the box with black sharpie marker. We glued everything on ourselves. We copied the Taco Bell emblem and drew it out onto the fabric and glued that as well.

We did ourselves up and wore red lipstick and heels to look as “hot” as we could.

This Taco Bell Hot Sauce Group Costume in total cost around $15 top for each. It was a very cheap and fun costume. We enjoyed making them and enjoyed wearing them even more. It definitely helped to know someone who could sew though. Everyone thought it was a very clever idea and we got compliments all night!