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Coolest Taco Bell Sauce Costume

This Homemade Taco Bell Sauce Costume is extremely easy to make! All you need is a large or extra large colored t-shirt (we got ours from Hobby Lobby) and some puffy paint. First you need to decide whether or not you want to be mild, hot, or fire sauce. If you are doing this with a group of people, you might want to have one of each. Then, we printed off the Taco Bell label from internet and we used this to stencil it onto our shirts near the bottom. Then we looked up some of the funny sauce quotes and choose which ones to put on our shirts. After that we just colored everything in and let the shirts dry before putting the shirts on (to wear shirts as dresses just pull your arms through the neck part so that it fits like a tube top). Then tie the sleeves together in the back to make the dress more form fitting.

All together it costs about 10 dollars per shirt and paint, and it was definitely the best costume at the parties we attended!

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