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Coolest Homemade Tapatio vs Cholula Hot Sauce Costumes

My wife and I love dressing up for Halloween, but we didn’t want to spend a lot of money on costumes. We also did not have a clue what to be.

While eating breakfast four days before Halloween, I noticed that our hot sauce bottles (always on our table for every meal!) had a male face on one and a female on the other. Well, that was it! My wife loves Cholula and I love Tapatio so there was no argument which we would be.

For the Homemade Tapatio vs Cholula Hot Sauce Costumes, we used scrap cardboard that a home depot gave us. We cut the shape of the bottle and rounded the cardboard to give that bottle illusion. We also cut out holes on the side for our arms.

The paint was leftover white house paint. For the yellowish color on Cholula, we took some ink out of markers and mixed it with the white paint to get the yellow. The red lettering is used with a red sharpie. The green marker was used on the green areas. The bottle’s red sauce is red acrylic paint. We used the house paintbrush to spread the paint on the cardboard.

My hat is an old Chevy’s birthday hat. The wig is my mom’s; I reversed it and styled it. The red tie is a old Christmas decoration ribbon, which was attached with a bobby pin. My mustache was drawn with my wife’s black eyeliner. The rest of my outfit is my personal wardrobe.

My wife’s outfit consisted of:
– red stockings that she used for her arms and legs
– a red T-shirt for her skirt
– a body pillow case for her white scarf

As a tip, make sure to use thicker cardboard if using house paint. Allow the paint to dry for at least 4 hours. These costumes made us feel like celebrities; we were the life of the party.

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