Sexy Homemade Margarita Costume

This Margarita Costume was my costume for 2012. I love making my own costumes every year. While brainstorming for my costume I came up with being different cocktails with my friends! We all decided to be our favorite drink. I was a margarita, and my two friends went as a piña colada and a martini. The costumes were so much fun to make!

For the margarita I got green stretchy fabric from our craft store and used sequin fabric on top to look like salt. I also cut out a lime shape with felt and attached it to the dress with hot glue. The straw was made out of foam poster board covered in felt for stiffness. This was my favorite costume to make and it got a TON of compliments. Have fun!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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