Last Minute Salty Margarita Costume

I LOVE Margarita\’s, simple as that and as a bartender I make a pretty mean one. So I figured why not be one for Halloween?!? Since I do not sew (not a darn thing) I was on a mission to find a green dress, I could have made it without sewing but that would take up too much time, not to mention it probably wouldn\’t turn out the way I planned.

So I lucked out at Old Navy end of summer sale and found a lime green tube top dress for $4.00 which was PERFECT. I knew the margarita costume was meant to be. I also grabbed a matching cardigan (not necessary)  for $6.00 cause on Halloween night  it tends to get chilly!

Supplies bought at wal mart, small white fabric paint, white glitter, dark green, lime, and white sparkly felt squares (for the lime) and spray adhesive glue. $8

Yes this costume only cost me $12 , im a bargain shopper so this was right up my alley!

I made a 2 Inch rim with the white paint, sprinkled the glitter ontop before the paint dried and then sprayed it with the glue. I cut the felt into a something that resembled a lime, safety pinned it to the corner of the salted rim. I rolled up a piece of red construction paper that i already had and stuck it in the dress. My dress had elastic as it made it easy for the straw to stay.

This costume was a HIT and was totally cheap / easy to make. If I could do it, so can YOU trust me.




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