This costume was so hard to make considering it was all duct tape! The process wasn’t bad it was just time consuming. I (the lime) used an old tshirt as a base while the other two wrapped themselves in toilet paper first. Yeah, I didn’t have time for that! The easiet way to do this is to start with strips of duct tape and covering the whole front of your body, going horiziontally. Make sure that when you do your thighs, you open your legs to widen your stance so you can walk! It’s also a good idea to have someone help you! I managed to do the front by myself but the back had to be done by someone else. BE CREATIVE! It doesn’t have to be neat and perfect because you can always go over the messy parts with more tape in the end. DON’T PULL THE TAPE TOO TIGHT! you want to be able to breathe and walk and attempt to sit! When you’re done creating your dress, have someone cut you out from the back. When you’re ready to wear your amazing outfit, simply ask someone to tape you back in. You can also add a zipper to make it more convenient. Trying to sit down and/or go to the bathroom was a nightmare, you literally have to find it in yourself to hold your breath, suck it in, and pull the bottom up as high as you can! My friend that was the tequila printed the picture on regular paper and taped it on with clear duct tape – looked awesome! Of course, I had to put limes on my chest to make it funny!

Even though this costume was a pain in the butt, it was so worth it! It was creative and the talk of the party! No one knew that our dresses were duct tape and when the found out, they were impressed! Going to a party in these, I would recconmend bringing extra duct tape just in case you rip or something. Also, wear something underneath your dress, like a cami, just so it’s more comfortable. Don’t forget your sombreos and mustaches!

After this constume, I NEVER want to see duct tape again! haha Good Luck!