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Coolest Homemade Redbull Costume Idea

We were looking for cute but cheap ideas, after throwing things around and taking a look around Walmart we decided we wanted to make a duct tape dress. We found wings, and thought that a Homemade Redbull Costume Idea would be original and cute! We bought 3 rolls of silver and blue duct tape, one roll of red duct tape, saran wrap, and wings. We wore strapless bras and cami’s and booty shorts. We took the saran wrap and wrapped it all around our bodies, bringing it down for a good length.

We started with the silver duct tape and tightly wrapped our bodies up to make it form to our bodies. We went over spots that we needed to or that were lumpy with the silver tape to make it look smooth. Then we followed the pattern of the Redbull can and put the blue duct tape on the top and bottom of us where it needed to go. After the first girl was done, we had her cutting out the letters to spell Redbull out of the red duct tape. We tested it out a couple of days before we actually wore them and it didn’t turn out how we expected. But once we knew what we were doing and how things were supposed to look it came out perfect!

Everyone loved them and thought they were a great idea!

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4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Redbull Costume Idea”

  1. I had a costume just like this last year but it was for beer instead of red bull… it was easy to go the bathroom, just pull the skirt up, it was tight but you could do it. & then i had my friends cut me out of it at the end of the night and just made another one for the next night.


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