Hey guys! I decided on trying the popular duct tape dress this year! I’ve seen them online before but never tried it myself. I didn’t wanna be the classic IPod, taco sause or Bud Light though so I started brainstorming. A snake bite is something I order frequently at the bar so I thought that would be unique for me! If you don’t already know, a Snake Bite is half cider beer and half lager beer. So I chose Angry Orchard and Harp. The Angry orchard box has blue in it so I chose a roll of bright blue duct tape and harp is bright green so I got lime green duct tape for the back. I just needed a 1 roll of each color found at Hobby Lobby. I’m 5’2 and 125 pounds and had both colors left over. Few hours before the party I cut the bottom of a trash bag and climbed in. I tucked the top of my trash bag into my bra but to each their own. Then my friend started cutting strips of duct tape and just simply taped over the bag. We would do a few layers of blue in the front and then a few green in the back. It honestly didn’t take as long as I thought. On the sides I put black duct tape to cover up the uneven blue and green tape running together. And then just tape your beer boxes on! When taping at the bottom I do recommend to spread your legs a little so its not so tight. You need to be able to hover the toilet and walk/dance some ;) Everyone loved my costume and thought it was unique and fun! And a few guys said they’d drink me…uhh huhhh lol. You definitley get attention but I loved my costume a lot and would totally do it again!