What better fitting than a six pack costume for a bunch of Bud Light beer lovers. A group of friends were attending the Nightmare on Chicago Street, Elgin, Illinois party 2012 and they just all happen to be big Bud Light beer drinkers. We decided the Six Pack group Halloween costume would be most fitting for them. It all started with some wood, screws, printed banners, felt and a lot of time and patience.

My husband helped with the cutting of the wood and assembling the frames. We started off with six individual cubes. We scanned an actual six pack holder and printed banners that were then wrapped around each cube. The banners were stapled onto the wood frame making sure that all the graphics lined up on all sides of each cube and the entire six pack. Each cube was equipped with a cup holder corner and handles to be able to lift the boxes to walk.

The bottle costumes were made out of felt with the design glued onto the front of the tunic. The guys all wore matching brown long sleeve shirts underneath. The neck of the bottle was was also made out of felt and stuffed with fiberfill and topped off with a pie tin with the matching graphic. Since this was a zombie themed party, this year we were not going to lose so the guys painted their faces.

Absolutely amazing, the crowds went crazy and the guys had the time of their life. We entered the costume contest at a local bar and the group took first place. What a great night!