Coolest 6-Pack and a Solo-Cup Group Costume

We made this 6-Pack and a Solo-Cup Group Costume with 3 items; lots of Duct tape, a trash bag, and the cardboard box from a 36 pack of beer.  You definitely need to use a lot of team work.  This picture is from my Freshman Year of college.  Half of the girls from the “6-pack” I hardly knew.  I just wrapped duct tape around them and with that, it was love! These girls are my closest friends now and it’s all thanks to that one night when we met and taped each other up!!

First step to make the costume is to wrap your body in the garbage bag (you may need to cut it to the best length).  After you’re wrapped in the bag, start taping! Taping just the front with a piece, and then another piece of tape for the back was the best way, as we learned the hard way, because just wrapping layers of tape all the way around your body can be a little suffocating! Also, tape the label of a beer (or soda!) box onto your stomach.  We taped the can tab’s onto our chests too!

Creating these costumes was a great project that brought everyone together and made for the best group of friends I could ask for!

We made these costumes with 3 items; Lots of Duct Tape, a trashbag, and the cardboard box from a 36 pack of beer.  To make the costume, you defi

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