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Coolest Homemade Beer Group Costume Idea

We are submitting our six-pack of Coors Light Costume for the coolest homemade costume contest because we believe it is the best costume we have seen on your website. My friend and I had this Beer Group Costume Idea for Halloween 2009. We can not really remember why we chose to do Coors light other than we were drinking Coors light while we were discussing costumes for Halloween.

We started October 1 and finished it an hour before we left the house on Halloween, working on it everyday in between. We first started with a drawing, went to a fabric store, and then began experimenting. The first few days were frustrating but when we got the first one completed the others came together fairly quickly. We hand painted every portion of the costume, using spray paint and stencils we made and cut out. The painting is what took the most amount of time and we were very particular to detail. We sewed the silver fabric to the brown fabric for the bottles, wrapped paper plates in tin foil for the hats and hand painted the box. The lids had headbands glued to them so they would stay on our heads and we had poster board inside the fabric that had straps attached to it.

The boxes are for each individual bottle, with handles, and beer holders with koozies were included. Over 200 hours between two of us were put into the making of this costume. It was hard work but worth the end result!

Homemade Beer Group Costume Idea

Homemade Beer Group Costume Idea

Homemade Beer Group Costume Idea

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  1. You did such a fantastic job! I can appreciate all the hard work and effort as I had done a 7-up can and the Spot years ago – but it wasn’t nearly as detailed as your bottle! Excellent Job!!


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