I love Halloween! I always love to come up with creative and new ideas that will wow people. My girlfriends and I collectively came up with the idea to make cotton candy girls costumes.

The instant we figured out what we were going to be, my wheels started turning. I could envision it immediately. First we decided who was going be be which color cotton candy. Once that was decided, we got to shopping for our wigs, shoes and accessories, all coordinating of course.

We purchased cotton batting from the fabric store, cut it into one giant strand and spray painted each color. Then we got white strapless dresses to wrap the cotton around. When it comes to create the perfect costume in my mind, attention to detail is key. We all painted our nails to look like cotton candy. Our makeup, especially the eye-shadow was mixture of pink, blue and purple to give it the cotton candy look. My favorite part of this costume was the way we smelled.  We found cotton candy perfume and sprayed it all over us like it was going out of style. Everywhere we went, people actually noticed that we smelled just like cotton candy. Many people told us they wanted to eat us, that’s how good we smelled! We went out to a local bar for some dancing and everyone loved us. We were asked to take many pictures with strangers who couldn’t get over how fantastically sweet we looked. It was an amazing time with the best girls!