This is my 7 year old daughter she wanted to be her favorite treat  for our Halloween day at our campground so I hand made this Pink Cotton Candy costume.

It started with a blue Jean dress from the thrift store.  I used cheap pillow about 5 cut them open on sprayed dress with spray glue then placed pillow stuffing on dress till it looked like cotton candy. We used a wig net sprayed that as well with glue and added stuffing. We then used a nontoxic airbrush paint and painted the entire costume. I found tye dye tights at the store and we used pink lip stick for lips and eyes. Then to add some shimmer I bought a cheap can of body hair glitter and sprayed her head to toe.

We used a sheet of poster  board for the cone and hot glued that to the wig. She wore this costume on September  27th ,2014. This took me about 3 days to make and cost about $12.00. She was a show stopper at our campground people were stopping us taking photos and she loved all the attention. A toddler even tried to eat her. Lol he was pulling on her trying to get the stuffing off and his mom said I think he thinks she’s real cotton candy.