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DIY Pink Cotton Candy Costume

This year, I wanted to dress as something pink, poofy, and sparkly for Halloween. Upon brainstorming, I came up with the perfect idea for a costume: cotton candy! I knew it would be fun to make, and it would be creative because cotton candy is definitely not a common Halloween costume.

The base of the costume is a light pink bralette, a light pink lacy tank top, and light pink spanks. I spray painted craft stuffing with pink spray paint. I chose hot pink and light pink and sprayed them from far away so that they blended well and weren’t two defined separate colors. I figured two colors would work better than one to create some depth and prevent the cotton candy from looking flat. Once it was dry, I hot glued the stuffing in chunks to my bralette. I used a silver party hat, cut a slit down one side, and tightened the hat with hot glue so that it was thinner but still long. The elastic band from the hat is stretchy so I was able to simply place the poof of cotton candy stuffing underneath the hat and it rarely fell out of place. I used a roll of crochet material and three layers of pink tulle to create a no-sew tutu. I layered light pink tulle on the bottom, hot pink tulle in the middle, and sparkly medium pink tulle on the top. I applied hot pink blush and eyeshadow.. and voila! A fluffy pink costume of cotton candy.

The funnest part was all of the pink. i love the color pink and this costume looked like the color pink threw up all over me. The hardest part was attaching the stuffing to the bra. It was hard to form it to the shape I wanted it and sometimes pieces would come off. With lots of hot glue and smushing.. it stayed together the rest of the night! (for the most part). All of my friends loved the costume and thought it was very creative and cute.

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