For my daughter’s fall fair parade her class dressed up as circus food. And like every 5 year old she loves pink so a bag of cotton candy costume was her choice. I sprayed pink spray paint onto cotton batting and let dry.

I put two clear garbage bags together and made arm and leg holes in both and taped the bags together at the arm and leg holes. I used two bags so that I could put the pink stuffing between the layers and she could easily step out of the costume to play all the games.

I used permanent markers to write cotton candy on the front and a cute nutritional label on the back including a bar code. I simply printed out what I wanted then traced it through the clear plastic bag. Just before the parade she got into the bag and I stuffed her with the cotton batting. We used and pink string at the neck to hold it tight. We completed the look with sparkly shoes, pink tights, pink makeup, cotton candy headband and cotton candy body spray and lip gloss.

The costume was very easy to make and was quite popular!