Sexy DYI Candy Costumes

I saw a few costumes that looked familiar to the ones we made. It took me about 5 hours total to make the entire costume including accessories.


Use a bra you do not mind throwing away after the party.

4 bags of mixed hard candy (I used gum balls, godstoppers, spree, starburst minis and skittles) to glue on bra (do whatever design you like)

Glitter and spray glue for sides of the bra (or you could do cotton balls and spray them pink and make it look like cotton candy). Hint, probably less messy than glitter.


Supplies- Glue gun, Needle and Thread, Wrappers.

Shorter the better the length of a candy wrapper, although you could just keep layering the wrappers to get the length that you wanted)

Bag of Twizzlers for belt like look on top of skirt (I used rainbow ones)

I used 35 candy bar/candy some regular size and some king size wrappers ( to attach to the skirt)

I glued all the wrappers together overlapping and then sewed the overlapping spots together. Hint: the more you overlap the less chance they will fall off, my friend had that problem. Mine stayed all night. Then I glued the sewed and glued wrappers to the skirt.

Shoes-Supplies Modpodge (outdoor kind) and glitter ( any color to coordinate with costume)

3 thin coats first coat, then sprinkle glitter, let dry second coat then sprinkle glitter and then final coat then sprinkle glitter. Let dry over night


Supplies: Velcro, Ribbon and scissors

Candy dots and Velcro to make candy bracelets

Candy necklaces, ring pop,

Candy purse – cut straight line across bag. put Velcro inside the bag to be able to open and close purse make two holes on sides of bag in the inside tape around the hole to prevent bag from ripping the ribbon handle off. Do the outside of the hole too with clear tape.

Pink wig (Cotton Candy color or your choice) Water cup cone cup for head secure with two bobby pins. I wanted my hair to look like candy too.

Candy Stripe Thigh High stockings


I did pinks and purples.

Everyone was amazed with our costumes; they were trying to eat me.

Sexy DYI Candy Costumes

Sexy DYI Candy Costumes

Sexy DYI Candy Costumes

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